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The roasting machine THOR FKT MB for roasted coffee with sugar is bound at high hourly production. Since green coffee is able to obtain a homogeneous baking of the coffee in 20 minutes for each cycle, working in automatic mode or semi-automatic.
The roasting THOR FKT MB is equipped with a stove detached, built in steel and refractory material; the burner, can be gas (type Modulating) or oil-in 2/3 flame levels, depending on the applications.
The cooling drum receives the product directly from the discharge of the roasting machine.

The internal mixers were designed and tested in order to guarantee an optimal cooling of the product.

The discharge of the product is made by reversing the direction of rotation of the drum; on the cooling drum doors for the inspection and cleaning of the drum are provided.

Additional functions of roasting machine THOR FKT MB:

  • possibility of totally or partially automatic controlling by PLC + touch screen and saving parameters roasting performed by electromechanical/electropneumatic devices.
  • PLC with operator interface;
  • Display to monitor the functions of roasting time and temperature;
  • Audible and visual alarm on the motor alarm installed and on the burner block.
  • Color: available according to customer specifications

Optional Components:

  • Electrical connection management system with PC and touch-screen.
  • Heat recovery unit
  • Post-Combustor mod. KAT
  • Briquette press.

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