STA Impianti introduces RBL: the ideal roasting machine for labs and small batches

STA Impianti, a Bologna company specialized in the designing and manufacturing of coffee roasting plants and machines, launches the RBL 15, a technologically advanced unit designed for the roasting of Specialty Coffee, small production batches or as a lab machine.

Small footprint, big on technology

RBL has been developed in response to the demands of labs and small/medium roasters, as a unit for the roasting of small coffee batches or, alternatively, as a platform for the development of roasting curves to be then replied on machines with a bigger production capacity. For this reason, RBL can be used for the production of “pilot” batches, the of testing the optimal conditions for the roasting of different types of coffees, so as to set up the parameters to process medium or large production batches on machines with a bigger production capacity such as the Futura and Millenium series, also produced by STA. At the same time, the machine is ideal for the processing of “Specialty Coffee”, very high quality products for specific market niches or for “micro roasting”, the production of small batches by roasters with small production needs. RBL is designed and assembled with the same reliability and security characteristics boasted by the bigger and more sophisticated roasting machines developed for industrial level production made by STA. Thanks to such features, the company is an internationally renowned supplier.

Technology tailored to the roaster’s requirements

Flexibility, which is in the DNA of STA plants, is also a distinctive feature of RBL: in addition to effectively supporting the needs of different types of roasters, it’s configurable with a series of assemblies which can expand its potential. Among other things: a meter measuring gas consumption that can offer real time accurate energy performance values, a control software for setting optimal parameters and an inverter to control and adjust the speed in the drum rotation and heat extraction stages.Among the roaster who have already chosen RBL are Caffè Morettino, Dicaf and Caffè Griso.The machine provided to this latter roaster is a special version of the RBL 15, configured for the roasting of a wide variety of coffees, including high quality ones, in a range going from 2 to 19 kg. This unit is able to effectively help Griso’s staff in finding the perfect roasting: a process that, given the variable characteristics of the raw product requires not only a perfectly optimized technology, but also great management flexibility.