STA IMPIANTI bets on energy saving

Energy saving, global saving of use (between 20 and 25%) compared to traditional roasters and innovative insulating materials are the main factors of the new products branded STA Impianti s.r.l.

Following the latest technological upgrade, inside our machines, the ceramic fiber used to theoretically isolate the combustion chamber has been completely removed. After years of studies, we have finally been able to innovate the technology of our machines and focus on energy saving. This guarantees excellent results and a flexibility of roasting never reached before.

Many customers have now decided to adopt this new solution and are fully satisfied with it; although the pre-heating and roasting times have been considerably reduced (in favor of considerable energy savings) the yield is still excellent, indeed improved.


What does it change for the company?

In addition to the considerable savings in energy and gas, the work of the operator also changes; furthermore, the company almost definitively eliminates some of the pollutants present up to now (residues of polluting materials and combustion recirculation). Through precise data tracking and recorded within the product processing sheet, the customer can determine exactly the cost of processing.

Implementation of a new software and the Industry 4.0 project.

Another fundamental novelty on which STA Impianti has worked intensively is the implementation of new software. Thanks to new interfaces for the management of the plants and the development of electronic components of the latest generation, the traceability and the auto-generation of the production lots, it is possible to have the complete control on all the parameters of the roaster.

Another fundamental feature is the communication with the company management system! Thanks to the connection with it, every company can immediately and perfectly know the production data, the stock and the laboratory data for the control of the incoming coffee.

This is a real evolution for coffee roasting companies, an evolution that allows in real time and with efficiency to establish the quality of the product!