Established more than thirty years ago in the heart of the Bologna Packaging Valley, where it is still headquartered, STA is a leading company in the designing and marketing of coffee processing machines and systems. Among STA’s clients are several types of roasters, both in Italy and abroad, which can count on a portfolio of solutions capable of meeting every industry need. More specifically, STA plants allow for a higher quality end product, as well as a constant monitoring of the process and a reduction in power consumption.

Better quality, reduced consumption

STA systems ensure a high quality coffee, with a considerable reduction in acrylamide levels. The company produces plants with combustion chambers completely made of steel, a material that ensures both high heat resistance and cleanliness. The latest machines developed by the Bologna based company are also free of ceramic fiber components, which are still used by many other businesses as a protection from the heat produced by the combustion chamber. Likewise, STA plants are completely devoid of materials such as cement and firebricks, which leave residues that have harmful effects on health, especially if air recirculation systems are employed in the production environment. On the contrary, STA produced machines don’t have any air recirculation system. As a result, the machine always roasts with clean air.

Less cost for the client, reduced impact on the environment

The energy consumption of STA plants is optimized by employing “inverters” and heat optimization systems which make use of preheated air. The air that contacts the combustion chamber, which is used to cool the external walls, is the same that is used for roasting. The evolution in the company developed plants has also lead to a reduction in preheating times, with noticeable savings in terms of gas and electricity. Compared to the past, the latest generation of STA machines allow for an energy reduction of 25% for every kg of processed coffee. The energy consumption of the machines – and the related savings – can be easily verified through the different energy monitoring systems with which the machines are equipped: they mainly are electronic readable gas and electricity meters. These allow the user to receive real time consumption and processing cost data. As another energy optimization related feature, STA machines, in case of emergency, can cool coffee directly in the roasting drum, preventing the coffee from being ruined or burned.