Separate devices for separate management: STA’s “recipe” to reduce consumption and increase the flexibility of the roasting process

For over thirty years, STA Impianti has been designing, building and marketing systems for coffee roasting, dedicated to small, middle-sized and large coffee roasters. Flexibility and the option of monitoring and increasing the efficiency of energy use, without altering product quality, are among the features that the market appreciates in STA machines. To that end, STA facilities optimise the heat needed for roasting and, at the same time, an efficient system to reduce fumes makes them second to none.

STA have developed a particularly advanced system for roasting coffee and removing fumes, based on two separate elements for the management of the two phases.

With regard to the roasting phase, the patented heating system removes the typical action of convective motion, transmitting heat through convection from the top to the bottom of the roasting drum. In this way the system’s thermal inertia is almost nil. In turn, this leads to shorter cooking times and greater precision in the roasting phase, increasing efficiency and, at the same, the facility’s flexibility. One of the key factors in STA-designed machines has always been the capacity to process different coffee types and qualities, ensuring high-quality roasting in all cases. Additionally, the latest-generation STA machines are equipped with re-designed heating adduction collectors, which allow to deliver fully pre-heated ambient air into the processing area. This is achieved through suitable transmission inlets and leads to 20% energy savings compared to older STA systems, which can already guarantee considerable savings on running costs compared to competitor machines.

Further savings are achieved by the fume removal system, which reaches peak efficiency only when necessary, i.e. at the very end of the roasting process, when the coffee’s temperature is in the 150°-170°C range. Depending on the desired type and degree of roasting, coffee roasters can manage the fume removal phase at their discretion, manually or automatically, which leads to a considerable reduction in gas consumption. All the results above are achieved in facilities that comply with the most recent environmental laws. These principles are typical of STA systems and can be found in the entire machine line-up – from small 5kg roasters to units designed for large production batches.