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Roasting machines line, particularly suitable for little production activities of high quality roasted coffee, such as shops, pastries or artisanal laboratories.

Small size, technologically advanced, confirm themelves as ideal tool for the production of selected coffees.

Made with the same requirements for reliability and security features of the bigger and more sophisticated industrial roasting machines, are available with heating generator type gas burner (available also by electric resistances) and automatic control system with semiautomatic management.

Technical data:

  • Patented roasting system for higher thermal efficiency allowing the best possible result in roasting coffee by hot air-convection.
  • Hopper of charge steel made
  • Heating generator by gas burner (available also by electric
  • Cooling tank stainless-steel made and selfcleaning
  • Independent motorisations for roasting drum and cooling tank
  • Independent electroventilators for roasting drum and
    cooling tank.
  • Ciclone-chaff collector for chaffs separation
  • Machine colours availables according client’s request.
  • NEW!: automatic unloading system at the end of roasting cycle
  • NEW!: Electric control board with PLC + Touch-Screen with recording of roasting parameters.

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Industrial coffee roasting machines
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