Roasting machines line, particularly suitable for little production activities of high quality roasted coffee, such as shops, pastries or artisanal laboratories.Small size, technologically advanced, confirm themselves as
ideal tool for the production of selected coffees in little quantity.
Made with the same requirements for reliability and security features of the bigger and more sophisticated industrial roasting machines, are available with modulating gas burner heating generator.
Automatic or semi-automatic management system.

Technical characteristics:

– Standard roasting capacity: 15 Kg/cycle (min 2 – max 19)

– Cooking time: 9÷20 minutes approx

– Indicative hourly production: 60 Kg/hour

– Fuel: LPG/Methane gas

– Installed thermal power: 12,5÷50 kW

– Installed electric power: 2kW (400 Volt three-phase + neutral / 50Hz)

– Ind. thermal power: 29 kW (min 12,5 – max 50)

– Dimensions: front 2050 x depth 1600 x height 2570 mm

– Weight: 700 Kg Components:

– Stainless steel loading hopper

– Roasting drum in special steel for high temperatures

– High efficiency gas heat generator with modulating burner

– Stainless steel cooling tank with accident prevention component

– Accident-prevention safety for cooling tank

– Supporting frame for the above elements

– Cyclone-pellicer for film collection

– Peeler

– Single-flow exhaust for the toasting process air, tank cooling air and peeler

– Electrical control panel with PLC + Touch Screen

– Independent drum and tank electric fans and motorizations

– Possibility to record the roasting parameters Optional Components on request:

– Inverter for speed control and regulation on drum rotation motor

– Inverter for speed control and regulation on heat suction motor

– Automatic entry of green coffee into the drum

– Automatic tank unloading

– Automatic unloading of the squeezer

– GAS meter

– Electric energy meter

– Drum suction pressure display pressure switch


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Industrial coffee roasting machines
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