Quality Certification

STA plants possess all the major certifications, from TÜV to ISO 9001, which is further proof of the high technological level reached by the company and the quality of its design and production processes. STA machines also meet food processing standards, which are notoriously demanding.

STA systems also ensure a high quality coffee, with a considerable reduction in acrylamide levels.

The company produces plants with combustion chambers completely made of steel, a material that ensures both high heat resistance and cleanliness. The latest machines developed by the Bologna based company are also free of ceramic fiber components, which are still used by many other businesses as a protection from the heat produced by the combustion chamber. Likewise, STA plants are completely devoid of materials such as cement and firebricks, which leave residues that have harmful effects on health, especially if air recirculation systems are employed in the production environment. On the contrary, STA produced machines don’t have any air recirculation system. As a result, the machine always roasts with clean air.

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