Griso Torrefazioni and STA Impianti: a successful partnership

The story between STA Impianti – a Bologna company specialized in the designing and production of roasting plants and the Brianza based roaster “Griso” – is a story of of professional success but also of passion. The passion for coffee and for how it should be selected, processed and then consumed. For almost thirty years the two companies have been working together: STA Impianti has been supplying roasting systems to Griso, helping it produce a high quality award-winning coffee.

STA and Griso: a well-established partnership

It has been 28 years since the first time STA Impianti and Griso Caffè crossed paths, a meeting made possible by a common passion for coffee and a shared vision. The two companies have a lot in common: they are both very well established in their respective industries and boast a long know how. STA has a rich portfolio of roasting machines and systems and possesses a world-class mechanical knowledge, thanks to a DNA that has its roots in the Emilia-Romagna automation district, whereas Griso has a tradition of quality in the coffee industry, having won several distinctions throughout the decades of its existence. It is no coincidence that Antonio Biscotti, owner and partner in the company, is constantly engaged in training projects in Italy and abroad, to share its experience with anyone who wishes to build a career in coffee or is deeply passionate about the topic.

The initial requirement: more flexibility for roasting

Biscotti says “STA has been able to support us in our business from the beginning, helping us and guiding us in the modernization process that our industry has been going through. Whereas thirty years ago the work was more empirical, based on one’s own senses, today roasting is a much more scientific process and technology is critical. As a consequence, it is increasingly more important to be able to count on a trusted technology partner, one that not only shows a deep technological know-how but also experience in processing the product. For us, this company is STA Impianti.” The company, based in the Emilia region, has recently provided Griso with a new machine for coffee roasting, based on one of the most popular STA platforms on the market and fitted to specifically meet the renewed production needs of the Brianza based roaster.

Technology tailored to the roaster’s requirements

He machine provided to Griso is a special version of the RBL 15, configured for the roasting of a wide variety of coffees, including high quality ones, in a range going from 3 to 19 kg. This unit is able to effectively help Griso’s staff in finding the perfect roasting: a process that, given the variable characteristics of the raw product – it is almost impossible for two different deliveries of the same coffee to be identical – requires not only a perfectly optimized technology, but also a great flexibility. Besides the performance, BRL15, and the rest of the line, boasts the features that made of the company a recognized worldwide supplier, among which are reliability and a low total cost of operation.