STA Impianti reinvents itself again to make a healthier and cleaner product with better performing roasting machines which also boast a lower energy consumption..

We’ve always been manufacturing machines with combustion chambers completely made of heat resistant steel. After the latest technology upgrade, the company has completely removed the ceramic fiber that was used for the the combustion chamber’s thermal insulation and to protect workers in accordance with safety regulations.

While still upholding operational safety standards, this innovative solutions sets the company apart from every competitor that is still using insulating materials such as cement, firebricks, ceramic fiber or other similar products which can leave residues that are harmful to health. The emission of such particles is especially problematic in recirculating roasting machines.

After years of research we have finally introduced this new technology which guarantees excellent results and a never before seen flexibility in the roasting process.

The best testimonials come from customers who already use this new solution, thanks to which they have considerably improved roasting uniformity and yield, while dramatically lowering preheating and roasting times, which translates in significant energy, gas and labor savings.

Compared to our competitors, we boast global energy savings in the use of our machines of between 20% and 25% over traditional roasting machines. Such data is easily verifiable thanks to  the electricity, gas and time meters installed on our roasting machines; this data is then recorded in the work sheet of the product.

Through this technological evolution and the real time management of data, which is then put into historical context and archived, the client is able to produce a higher quality product (untouched by polluting material residues, as well as emissions from combustion recirculation) and to track useful metrics in real time in order to calculate processing costs.


The company’s mechanical innovations are complemented by software innovations, which allow the full control of all roasting machine’s parameters through comprehensive customization and the deployment of specific interfaces for plant management. The software was developed by STA and, together with next-generation electronic components, allows for the automatic tracking and creation of production batches, thanks to the machines’ ability to communicate with the business database. This enables the immediate collection of production and inventory data, as well as laboratory data to check incoming coffee shipments, for a full remote, real time management of the plant and, ultimately, better production efficiencies and a higher quality product.

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