Assistance and Aftersales

The company’s experience, in its more than 30 years of business, allows it to assist its customers from the preliminary stages of designing a new line, up to the fitting and the start of production. STA guarantees its support to the customer on different levels: it shares an important know-how with the roasters witch which it works, on such issues as the quality control of the product, both entering and exiting the plant, and the management of the different roasting stages, explaining concepts such as the scalability of the roasting principles and energy optimization. When a client chooses STA, it isn’t just deciding to equip itself with state of the art plants and technology, it can also take advantage of a staff with a deep knowledge of the coffee industry, always capable of effectively answering every need, whether technical or otherwise.

STA has been also a pioneer in the development of remote control and support systems.

Today, the company is employing more advanced systems, which allow for an even quicker intervention by the company’s engineers through a simple Internet connection. As a result, the customer is always in contact with STA and, if needed, can immediately take advantage of the qualified staff’s know-how and experience.