Since 2002, STA IMPIANTI srl is certified according to the certification system UNI EN ISO 9001, as certified by the certification body (accredited ACCREDIA) TÜV Rheinland® Italy.
Obtaining this certification certifies that STA IMPIANTI srl:

  1. has established a quality management system suitable for its products and processes;
  2. analyzes and understands the needs and expectations of customers as well as statutory and regulatory requirements related to its products.
  3. guarantees that the product characteristics have been defined in order to meet customer requirements and statutory requirements and regulations.
  4. has determined and is managing the processes required to finalize the expected results (conforming products and enhanced customer satisfaction).
  5. has ensured the availability of resources to support the activities and monitoring of these processes.
  6. monitors and controls the defined features of the product.
  7. strives to prevent non-conformity, and adopt improvement processes designed for:
  8. resolving any non-compliance that arise (including those of the product that are identified after delivery);
  9. analyze the causes of non-conformity and corrective action to prevent recurrence;
  10. handle complaints from customers.
  11. made an effective internal audit and a review process by the management.
  12. is monitoring, measuring and continuously improving the effectiveness of its system of quality management.